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Warning for spam affiliated tube seller..

Today i received a Spam, not just any but one where the used address was "earmarked" to a certain address.

The address was given to only, and was used as described in another thread to buy tubes. The received tubes was of bad quality ( well used not as sold NOS) and my complains was ignored.

Now they seem to have forwarded e-mail addresses to a spamming entity.

Beware of, of you deal with them use a "throw-away" email!

A while later i newcomer called kt66 kid wrote :

Originally Posted by KT66 KID viewpost.gif

Greetings one and all from glorious County Kilkenny!

I was very interested in this posting as my experiences with Mullard Magic have been quite different, my second order was returned back to the UK by An-Post for some unknown reason and I had to beg Steve at Mullard Magic to accept a 50% contribution towards repeat postage costs. He seemed like a nice guy to deal with, a bit eccentric bordering on zany but his advice was on the button and the service I received was second to none.

I began to wonder, how could my experience be so different from PeterH’s. After thinking for a day or so I decided to fire off an e-mail to Mullard Magic along with a link to this forum posting and sat back to wait and see what was said – if anything.

Well what a surprise, I got a very rapid response along with a forwarded copy of your initial complaint e-mail and their response – albeit with the e-mail address details redacted. It seems that you haven’t told the whole truth Peter, and like all venal cheats, inveterate liars and deceitful sneaks, you have now been found out………………

It seems that Mullard Magic do have a return of goods policy, clearly shown on their website which states:-

“Exchanges/refunds are subject to initial and return shipping charges at the expense of the purchaser and we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee of 25% on correctly supplied items. We offer a very generous return policy in which a "no quibble" return policy is accepted provided that customers contact us within 7 days of goods receipt.”

However, what PeterH has omitted to tell everyone here is that the 7199 valves he bought were shipped to him in early April 2013, yet he chose to wait to complain until 22nd July 2013 at 18:09 – OVER THREE MONTHS AFTER INITIAL DELIVERY, so rather predictably, Mullard Magic refused a return after this period by e-mail at 20:01 the same day - LESS THAN TWO HOURS LATER. So much for no reply eh?

It seems that Mr. Mullard Magic is so affronted by your accusations that he has published your e-mail and his near immediate response in the News section on his website for all to see – e-mail details redacted and headers and footers omitted of course. Interested parties can go have a look by following the link provided below:-

On the basis of the above revelations do you really expect us to believe anything you say – let’s move onto the spam thing, so, you only used your e-mail address to make one single order to one single vendor in the seven, yes, 7 months since April – really, c’mon??? Because I can see no other way you can identify categorically the source of the spamming you have suffered?

This sort of thing really irks me, as a bistro owner, I too know the pain of spiteful reviews containing bare faced lies courtesy of Trip Advisor and the like. I thought that Audio Karma was above this – maybe they are but you PeterH are most certainly not – shame on you for your cowardly and dishonest behaviour.

Rick Zuni

Well, the truth is that i have not got any response from mullardmagic, this is contra dictionary from what they might have stated. The only mails that has arrived to the address given to them is spam.

I am still waiting for ANY response from them, and the fact that it take make some months to actually measure the tubes does not change the fact that the tubes announced as NOS was in fact well used.

I would certainly by happy to return them at a discount, as is they are of no value to me. In the meantime i can only warn folks from dealing with someone that does sell fake NOS tubes.

And yes, i have used my account at mullardmagic to respond. I hope they will take their things together and contact me. I will report here whatever happens.

comment at dec 12 :Now mullardmagic is blocking my ISP :

<quote from my browser :>

Ooops, it seems you're IP address or network was banned from this website!

You or someone else used your IP and we have banned it :(

<end quote>

Is this a way to solve disputes ?? He's not only refuses to respond to mail he also blocks me!